Friday, January 05, 2007

Party of Three

IM The Ville promises to be an exciting event. From the obvious "it's an Ironman" to the mundane "it's a vacation," it promises to be an awesome party. Today, the Iron Pol party grew by one. I found the time to get over to the blog of another mid-westerner who will be participating in the inaugural race.

Her name is Iron Snoopy. And her profile picture is awesome. Really, go by and check it out. And when you do, leave her some comment love, because she's racing Louisville and I consider her my newest teammate. And she's in my age group, running her first Ironman, so we have a few things in common.

More importantly, she knows about Appleton Rum. And anyone familiar with that is okay in my book. I've been known to climb to the top of palm trees just to win a bottle of Appleton rum. Okay, it might have been ANY rum at the time, but it wound up being Appleton rum.

*Side note- climbing a palm tree is far easier than getting down from a palm tree. Consider that a public service announcement from your friends at Iron Pol.

So, Iron Snoopy has been linked, and we'll be tracking her progress and hoping to meet up as race day approaches. And judging from her site, she'll do awesome.


Bigun said...

I went to a Cure concert last year here in Tampa - absolutely HATED it - they played nothing but new stuff, most of the audience was old f'ers like me, and wanted to hear 80's throwbacks - we all just stood around waiting for a good song that never came. Oh well...

Cliff said...


Just want to say thanks for admin the race Athlete forum.

SkiRough said...

And then there were three! :) I like your moniker "IM The Ville" btw.

Iron Pol said...

Thanks, Ski, but I must give credit where credit is due. George Schweitzer put me on to The Ville. He has spent time there and commented that locals refer to Louisville as "The Ville."