Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Home Again, Home Again, Jiggity Jig

Well, after a long hiatus out of my office, I'm back at my desk. The past few weeks have been spent working closely with a few co-workers as we resolved some issues that were both caused and identified by our company's new business system. Talk about a double edged sword. Regardless, most of the challenges have been overcome, and we can get back to a more normal daily process.

Now, if I can convince Mother Nature to get back to normal, my training will be much more effective. In a simple twist of irony, the week after global warming alarmists released their apocalyptic report on the state of the planet, this part of the country has gone into yet another week of record cold temperatures. Add to that the snowstorms we've been experiencing, and training has been a hoot.

Saturday was an 18 miler as part of my co-worker's training for his first marathon. I awoke that morning to temps in the high teens, 15 mile an hour winds, and an inch of new snow. The decision was made to do the run, mostly because my co-worker liked that option better than the "swim for an hour then run 10 miles" alternative I offered.

Easter was clear and cold. At least most of the snow had melted off, though we kept the kids indoors for egg hunting. I also paid the price on my 3-hour training ride. Temps in the low 20s led me to complete the ride indoors, as well. Monday, we got more snow. More biking inside. And the outlook is more of the same. Record low temperatures. Additional snow. More television viewed while on the trainer.

The training hours are starting to rack up. Mileage and yardage are starting to accumulate. And if I can ever get my bike off the trainer, I'll start laying down some serious biking mileage, as well. And with the countdown timer well under 140 (when did THAT happen?), things will only start ramping up. Less than seven weeks until double digits.


Bigun said...

I did the trainer thing a couple of times, it wasn't for me. I'm good for about 15 minutes, then I just can't stay on it anymore - you're doing great with your trainer time! 140 is still a long way to go - you're goin to do awesome, POL!

Comm's said...

I would love the outdoor run in the snow. Trainer suck.

Lisa said...

Ugh. 18 in the snow? No thanks.

I've got 2 hours on the trainer planned for tonight... not very excited about that.

I can't wait to get some nice days (that I DON'T work) to go ride outside for two hours!

Tri-Dummy said...

I, too, am trapped in the frozen tundra. We are expecting 4-6 more inches of snow starting 2nite. Great.

Another 3 hour trainer ride on Saturday, bricked with a 1 hr run on the dreadmill. No MP3, in case you were wondering. :)

SkiRough said...

Yeah rain/sleet combo had my butt unhappily back on the trainer as well. Would love to see it clear up outside and get out on the streets!