Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Thought Process

This morning's swim workout was a brutal set of 600s. The warmup and cooldown called for 200 yards of non-free. The main set was 4x100 descends on 15", 50 yards non-free, and 150 yards pull with the middle fifty being a hard effort. Do this four times with 1' rest intervals between each set.

Here's how my thoughts progressed through the workout.

After the warm up and first set - "That wasn't too bad. I'm feeling the past week, a bit, but doing alright."

After the second set - "I think I want to stop, now."

After the third set - "Perhaps I'll hurt whoever it was that designed this set. Badly."

After the fourth set - "I'm too tired to hurt anyone. Perhaps I'll just lay here on the pool deck and take a nap."

In the hot tub skipping the cool down - "At least I'll have something funny to blog about."


Brent Buckner said...

Funny indeed! Thanks for writing it up.

Robyn & Rachel said...

Skipping the cool down for some quality hot tub time is our favorite! Especially after a brutal long swim....

Bigun said...

I would have thought that measly 4x600 workout childsplay for a seasoned swimmer such as yourself - me on the other hand...dead dead deadskie.

Allez said...

Hot tub time sounds great! I wish my gym had one!

Wrenching Winz said...

Hottub = cooldown. And here I was looking to your post on the run