Saturday, September 01, 2007

Voice from the Past

I received the following in an E-mail, today:

As you journey towards accomplishing an Ironman triathlon, there have been a great many steps along the way. Some good, some disappointing.

The start of the journey has been full of excitement and fun. Learning the ropes, meeting members of the TBC, and trying to register for IM MOO 2007 (missed it by THAT much). The idea of registering for a race a year away seemed odd, but you took the shot, anyway.

As the 2007 IM race in Madison approaches, you should be in full swing to participate as crew for Team raceAthlete. You will have the opportunity to join in the excitement. Make sure you are ready to sign up for 2008, and remember to write a new note for that race.

It takes a lot of work to forge iron. Don't lose track of where you started, where you are going, and how far you've already come.

I wrote this note last year after I was unable to register for IM Wisconsin, BEFORE learning about IM Louisville. I had it delivered by FutureMe as a reminder of what I was thinking that day and had already forgotten about it by the time I signed up for what became my first Ironman.

It's amazing how a few short days can change the perspective with which we view both the past and future.

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Wendy said...

IP, that's fabulous!