Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Busy, Busy, Busy

Okay, it's well past 8:30 p.m. For those in the non-old-fogey category, that means it's past my bedtime. But this looks like the only opportunity I'll have to post in the coming days.

We are launching the next phase of our new business system implementation, and your's truly is on the team. We have intensive training, this week. Ten hours a day sitting learning about software components. Next week is much of the same, as we complete testing of the base system to see what adjustments will be needed to match our business needs. It's a good thing I was way behind when this started. At least I won't feel bad about being completely buried with work.

So, with training starting at 5 a.m. and work going until after 5 p.m., it's early to bed for me. Monday was a recovery run of 5K at 9m 30s pace. This morning, I did 700 yards in the pool. No major leaps in skill were made, so breathing with any sort of rhythm is still a bear. I spent some time at Everyman's site reading some additional swimming hints. They SOUND great. Putting them into practice is proving challenging. Even if the swimming tips are of no great use, head over there as he has a humorous take on how non-triathletes view the triathletes of the world.

So, if you stop by and get the feeling I've taken a vacation, it's anything but that. Just work and other things have taken over the controls for a bit. Training isn't suffering, which is one benefit of having adapted to the early morning schedules. Keep up the training. If you're like me, race season is just about here.


cancerportrait said...

It's always good to read training tips, I love doing that even though sometimes I used to say to myself "i will do it that way" and always ended up doing it like the Glori' style lol. I miss the trail and my shoes too. I miss the tiredness from running and even the aches lol... I'll be on treatment again, starting on June, and I will be living with my parents by then, wow yeah a big drastic change. When is your next competition? How is the Pol family doing?

Spence said...

My Masters Swim coach has a swimming website that might help you out.


I just searched on "breathing" and came up with this drill that you might consider trying - it's pretty basic but might break things down just enough that you can work some more rhythm into your breathing:


Don't give up!!! You can do it. I've found this site hugely helpful in all kinds of ways - and the handy search tool on it helps narrow the topics for you. Now GO SWIM!!

Wil said...

Totally hang in there --- if anyone understands a nutty schedule its me :) Do what you can, and go stroke by stroke... your video is totally awesome, by the way!!!