Saturday, May 06, 2006

Greater Motivation

The registration fee has been paid for some time. The training has been ongoing. And now, the motivation has increased. A hotel reservation has been made and secured by credit card for June 3 in Waupaca, Wisconsin. To be honest, the hotel is costing more than the race itself. In fact, if I include the registration fee, tri shorts, and swim goggles, the hotel still costs more.

That's motivation, Iron Pol style. Few things motivate me more than money spent. So, June 3 is a lock for the first sprint triathlon anyone in my family has ever completed. Scary.

While any race is nerve wracking, I feel ready for this one. As part of this morning's training, I swam 250 yards non-stop. It wasn't fast, but it was continuous. It was part of 800 yards focused on proper body rotation. I also did a 5K charity run, with Toddler Pol along for the ride. He enjoyed it, as I had them give me a shirt in "his size." I treated the run as a speed workout. The first half-mile was slow, as we were stuck on a narrow trail with a lot of people walking. We did the last 2.5 miles averaging under 8 minutes a mile, finishing with an overall average of 9 min 10 sec per mile.

Things are picking up. Two weeks until the Green Bay half. Four weeks until the triathlon. And there's a 10K race the weekend after that. Busy month coming up.

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a.maria said...

ummmmm... so i went swimming last night?

i have the whole drowning thing down pat! sheesh.

there is just too much to think about. i used to just, ya know... "weeeeeeeee, this is fun!".. in the pool. now i more... "$#^%#@$# this stinks!"

i dont know how i will ever progress. its worse than running. and i was a horrible runner!

however.... you're doing it! so, i shall keep on going as well.

sounds like a busy busy month comoing up. your sprint-tri is the day before our san diego marathon! what a fun filled weekend!!! :)