Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Upper Half Man

The little things in life are often enough to keep me happy. The official results of the Green Bay Marathon are one of those little things. I have now officially moved from mid-pack runner to just ahead of mid-pack runner.

In my division (M35-39), I came in 38 of 126, which is right about the tail end of the first third of the runners. I won't mention that one of those runners was my friend pushing a double jogging stroller with two kids in it. So don't even ask. It's still exciting to say that I finished before two-thirds of the people in my division. Even if there isn't much money in it.

Overall, I was 343 of 2289 runners. Again, it's exciting to know that I've actually gotten better. The first races I entered had far different results. Like reversed, in fact. So, training helps, and there is hope for the most waddly of the penguins.

Of course, with a triathlon coming up in less than 2 weeks, the opportunity to be at the back of the pack looms once again.


Fe-lady said...

So...training helps! I will have to remember that! :-) (It made me smile!) Congrats on being a "front-mid-packer"-
I am just always glad when I am not last anymore!!!
Keep that training going!

Fe-lady said...

I love the name-Iron Pol.

Are you Polish? It would be a perfect name for me-had you not already taken it! :-P