Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Early Start

The goal of the morning was to get a 10 mile run in prior to work. Allowing for various conditions slowing me down, I set the alarm for 4:20 a.m. That would give me 10 minutes to get dressed, stretched, and out the door, and an hour and a half for the run.

And don't go fretting about the 4:20 wake-up, that's only 10 minutes earlier than normal. No, if there's any fretting going on, it should be about Baby Pol choosing today as the day she decides NOT to sleep through the night. She announced her desire for food at 3:15 a.m. And she announced it with passion. Somehow, Mrs. Pol was too out of it to note that I was not, in fact, feeding her, and promptly went back to bed, leaving me holding the bag (well, baby). I think that has something to do with the fact that she was still awake at 12:30 a.m. when I made a short trip from the bedroom.

So, here it was pushing 3:30, and I'm feeding Baby Pol. There were two distinctly good things about her, this morning. First, she ate well with little fussing and fighting. Second, she went back to sleep immediately after she was finished with her bottle. The distinctly bad part was that she finished and was back asleep about 4:05.

Now, I like sleep as much as the next person, and if I'm actually in bed and wake up 3 minutes before my alarm, I'll go back to sleep. But when I'm fully awake from caring for an apparently starving 7 month old, it's pointless getting back into bed for 15 minutes. So, my 10 minute mad dash to dress, stretch, and get out the door turned into a more leisurely 25 minutes to do the same and still leave a bit earlier.

Somehow, my mind doesn't appreciate the benefits of an early start, when the "late" start is still in the dark of the morning.

The excitement continued upon my return (1h26m for 10.1 miles, 8:35 pace). Toddler Pol charged out of his bedroom, excited to show me something vitally important. He had to show me how he "falls" out of his bed, now. It seems he is still a bit miffed about my removing the side rail from his bed (which is largely due to the fact that he considers it a "ladder" to be climbed over). He was determined to prove to me that he is now at great risk of falling (6 inches) to his death, or at least severe injury. It was quite dramatic. And enough to wake up Mrs. and Baby Pol. At least I wasn't the only one getting hauled out of bed early.

Ahhh, the life in the Pol household.

Note the change of songs. The trivia question surrounding this song... What is its claim to fame?


Veeg said...

Children are rotten, evil little beings. :)

But wow, great run!

Deb said...

This post brings back memories of when my boys were little... I know it sounds twisted...but i loved getting up in the middle of the night to see that little face looking up waiting for me to feed hi. Your little guy sounds like a pistol. If he's on a mission...look out!
These are the times of your life... soak it up! There's plenty of time to sleep later! ;)

Eric said...

Doesn't look like anyone answered you video question.

This was the first video to play on MTV.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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