Thursday, July 20, 2006

Staying In Bed

As many are aware, I'm a big fan of taking the odd training day off, if the rest is needed. Injuries, fatigue, and family obligations are a few of the various items that might warrant missing a session. Wednesday was one of those days, for me. After a late night, Tuesday, I knew that a 4:30 wakeup wasn't in the cards.

That change provided the opportunity to mix things up a bit by switching Thursday's swim into a bike and Friday's bike into a run. A swim/bike brick on Saturday and a bike/run brick on Sunday would round out the week.

Sometimes, Mother Nature has other plans. Today, it was a thunderstorm that lasted most of the night. By 4:15, the rain had stopped, but the thunder and lightning continued with gusto. Apparently, swimming was more important than biking. That's okay, unshift plans, and go back to Plan A.

At the pool, all the makings of a good swim were there. Only a few people in the lanes, and the water, for once, was cool (this YMCA seems to favor warmer water in the pool). I hadn't planned on swimming, so I decided to just do a long swim with the 45 minutes left before I had to head to work. Somewhere around 500 yards, my right ear plug started to leak. And for anyone with perforated ear-drums, that is a hassle.

Side Bar: Iron Pol was born with a cleft palate, and dealt with numerous ear infections as a youth and young adult. The repeated use of tubes to clear infections resulted in perforated ear drums, and the tendency for the ear drums to rupture. As a result, any water in the outer ear has a direct path to the inner ear. So, plugs are worn to keep the water out.

I hopped out of the pool to adjust the ear plugs, which resolved any questions I had about the swim. In other words, the leak became a "why am I even wearing these things" rush of water into the ear. At that point, I gave up and figured I may as well get an early start to the work day.

Apparently, I should have stayed in bed.


Veeg said...

Bummer. :( I hate when best-laid-plans get all blown-up like that. :(

Veeg said...

Bummer. :( I hate when best-laid-plans get all blown-up like that. :(

Deb said...

Even though I trained the most while my husband was alive, I can't seem to recall everything it took to do it. Reading your post brings a little of that back...and i get tired. LOL! ;)
You're young family, work, your takes a lot for you to make it happen. Hat's off. You amaze me!

Dante said...

Of late I've taken the "Stay in Bed" option to heart. Too much TdF watching and, hey, sometimes a rest for no particular reason is a good one.

For the profile image on my blog, I just ripped the image from the TdF site, and manually modified it, combining the information from my Forerunner. I did this while watch one of the stages, with the each days racing finishing at around 1:30am, I've gotta do something to stay awake!

greyhound said...

Some days you're the windshield, some days you're the bug.

Dante said...

Whoops, sorry bout the useless description of my "stage profile"...perhaps the lack of sleep has got the best of me, confusing Iron Pol with Iron Pete..=S

Anonymous said...

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