Tuesday, September 26, 2006

B-Boy Hijacks Blog

Good morning, it's B-Boy, here. Okay, it's B-Boy with a LOT of help from Iron Daddy. Since I'm not quite three (my birthday is in December), he has to help with things like Internet access, spelling, typing, and things like that. But everything else is from my point of view, because Daddy also has a very vivid imagination.

Saturday was very exciting, because it was race day for me. Daddy's race was Sunday. When I woke up, Daddy made Lego Waffles for breakfast, which I had with orange juice and milk. Daddy says that combination is gross, but I think that's just because he doesn't like milk. As soon as breakfast was done, I wanted to put on my race t-shirt and bib number. I had a big, red number one on mine, just like all the other kids. They say that's because we're all winners.

Then, I spent almost 2 hours running around the house like a madman (Daddy's words, not mine). After what seemed like forever, Mommy, Daddy, and Monster Girl were all ready to go, and we went to the race.

The most exciting thing about getting there early is the firetruck, ambulance, and free stuff they have there. I love the firetruck, but won't go in it, no matter how much Daddy tries. I'm afraid it will start moving. I did get lots of things. They gave me a color changing pencil, a new badge sticker for my helmet, a flashing light thing for running at night (which Daddy won't let me do), a big sports bottle, Snapple, a cookie, and a popscicle (after the race). Running is cool because you get all kinds of swag (Daddy told me to say that, I don't know what swag means).

Pretty soon, it was time for the national anthem, which was sung by lots of kids who were there to race. Because I'm still under three, I did the Toddler Trot. This year was better than last year because they did different waves, just like in Daddy's triathlons. They had small groups of kids run, rather than one big group where it's all a mess. I went in the third group.

Because I'm still in the toddler group, the race was only 25 yards. Daddy had me line up on one side, so Mommy could take pictures. When they started to say my favorite part, "On your mark, get set, GO!," one little kid took off early. When they said go, I started running. Because lots of people were in the way, I ran across to the other side, then headed back towards Mom. I beat everyone, even the kid who went early. It was cool having the whole field in front of me open. I only wish they would let me run more. I ran four laps at a track one time (Dad note: he ran MOST of four laps, I carried him part of one. 440-yard track, BTW). Daddy says that was a mile.

At the finish, they gave me a medal that says "Winner" and has a purple ribbon. Purple is Mommy's favorite color. Last year's was green, my favorite color. After the race, we looked at the fire truck some more, visited with some friends, and went home. It was a great day, and I hope you enjoy my race report. As I get older, I'll do more of it on my own, and hopefully tell you about other races, including triathlons.


Sherri said...

Dear B-Boy,

I love this post! Congratulations on your awesome race and the big victory! I really, really wish, though, that you would post pictures from your big day for all of your fans to see! Congratulations again!

Cliff said...

Great job B-Boy.

we need pics for sure..

emily said...

Great race report! We need photos!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Great job out there B-Boy!!! (Your Dad also rocked his course - following your fine example.)

Congratulations from Wendy (up north here in Canada)!

nancytoby said...

My Catherine would kick his ass on the track. But congratulations for doing so well in the preliminary event, Toddler Pol!!!

tri-mama said...

All right B-Boy! Great race and wonderful report. Looking forward to meeting you someday.

Comm's said...

Time to enter that boy in the Shuttlecock relay. he can move.

a.maria said...

you are too funny. well done B-boy, well done.