Friday, September 15, 2006

The Bubble Bursts

Though the outcome was nearly inevitable, all hope was being held that Active would find something that would get my name added to the IM MOO '07 Team raceAthlete participant list. Today, they responded with the foreseen, "We don't show you as registered" message. While there is certainly room to debate that matter with them, I have generally been pleased with Active's service, and will let it stand at that. So, Plan A has gone back into effect.

Plan A, set in motion prior to Roman's announcements about Team raceAthlete, involved completing one of two local half-Ironman races in 2007, and registering for an IM race in 2008.

Veeg, here is your notice that I am staying true to my motto of "A paid registration is the best motivation to train."

Transaction ID: 11304217934542.023 Order number: 20896
Description: 2007 Spirit of Racine Triathlon HALF

Team raceAthlete, the second part of this Declaration of Intent is that I will now be an integral part of IM WI 2007 as part of the support crew. In addition to being there for moral support, I have already started to enlist the aid of others, hopefully including at least one motorcycle. There is no need to worry that the local support will end just because Stu is in the race. We'll build upon the efforts of him and Wil's husband, and provide the same up to the minute reports and pictures.

So, the bubble holding up my Ironman Wisconsin 2007 hopes has burst. But, just for Trigreyhound, remember to "Always look on the bright side of life..." Plan B falling apart isn't so devestating if you remember there is a perfectly acceptable Plan A.

Who from raceAthlete will toe the line with us (Veeg is almost morally obligated to join in) in Racine? It will be a good opportunity to meet and hammer out plans for Madison in September. And we can show the state what to expect from raceAthlete members.


Spokane Al said...

Sorry to hear about your troubles getting registered for IM MOO. however, I am happy to see that you have taken it well and immediately embarked on an alternative plan.

That is how we best get through life.

Lisa said...

I must have missed something regarding raceAthlete, but it looks awesome.

I am hoping to toe the line with you and Veeg at Racine this year. Let me get the money situation worked out, and soon I will be on that list with you.

We can plan on IMMoo'08 together. :)

Cliff said...


What Veeg said right now is what keeping me doing IMUSA '07. Have a great race in the HIM.

a.maria said...

as stated on the kahuna's comment section last week, i will be out in full cheerleader/journalism get-up supporting the racers and keeping the readers up to date on the goings-on of the race.

as part of the raceAthlete team (not to be confused with team.raceAthlete!!!) ... i mean, how can i not?!?!

its gunna be a gooooood time, my friend! good time!

George Schweitzer said...

thanks for the comment and I'm sorry registration was frustrating and didnt go as planned. Ever think about doing the Janus Charity Challenge for a spot. I think you have to raise $500 (not including the $450 race entry). My friend raised $5000 with, as she says, very minimal effort. Plus its a great motivation and inspiration for training if you support a cause you believe in. If not, good luck with your Plan A.

Veeg said...

Awright, Big Brother.

I am VERY bummed for you re: the disappointment of wanting to register and it not happening.

BUT -- I am totally on-board, both in terms of SORT HIM and in picking up the raceAthlete/TBC support-crew mantle.

Baun said...

Just wanted to let you know I just signed up for the Spirit of Racine HALF! (got the confirmation email)

There should be a lot of folks from the Chicago Tri Club there.

I can't wait!