Thursday, September 07, 2006

The Secret is Out

It was something she had to figure out, eventually. The time spent away from the house was the first clue. The extra money going out of the bank account was hard to hide. And yes, like Greyhound has mentioned in the past, the change in appearance and other habits are just too blatant to be overlooked.

Mrs. Pol has known about blogs for some time. She has also known about triathlons for nearly a year. Even after reading about "the other woman" from another triathlon wife, she allowed me to flirt with this mistress. The knowing smiles, the support for "the little indiscretions" that come in the form of short flings. Those are usually over in a few hours, and they don't require too much attention during the weeks and months leading up to the rendezvous.

Now, she is aware of the longing for a more demanding mistress. That became apparent, last night, when she made a comment clearly indicating she has been reading this blog. Sure, my mom reads it as a good source of information about day to day events and race schedules. My sister has read it, and even provided good blog material. But Mrs. Pol? Apparently, she reads it more than just when I ask her to read what I believe to be a particularly witty post.

Some caught in this situation resort to denial. Others try to come up with convoluted and confusing excuses or stories. These rarely work. And the straightforward confession is just too boring. Another approach is to invite Mrs. Pol to join the party. Both in training and in blogging. She is sure to be able to figure out how to break into this blog and leave her mark. Like training, she can take baby steps into blogging.

Since we know she's looking, leave Mrs. Pol some comment love, and show her your support. Both in her training, and in your desire to see what SHE'S thinking.

Honey, just in case, click the Comments link to read or leave comments.


Flatman said...

Hey Mrs. Pol! Jump on in, the waters fine. :)

Looking forward to hearing from you.


Ladyrunner said...

Delurking to say:
Mrs. Pol,
I want to warn you, blogging is highly addictive! Fortunately it's a relatively harmless addiction.

Join in on the fun!!

nancytoby said...

Mrs. Pol,
I'm so sorry. Your husband has gone over to the Dark Side. There's little to be done for it. You may be able to find a local support group.

greyhound said...

Come on in. The water's fine--except for that whole seething-mass-of-humanity-can't-see-my-hand-in-front-of-my-face swim sort of thing.

Bolder said...

Mrs. Pol, your husband is a fine writer, a triathlete, and a good man.

We are lucky you share him with us here...

Mister P. said...

Turnabout is fair play. Blog On, Mrs Pol!

tri-mama said...

By all means Mrs. Pol-then we could do a training couples podcast! Good luck with your final marathon training and the race- Added incentive (or maybe not) we are already planning a July training weekend at the Dells for IMmoo '07-the more the merrier.

triathlonmom said...

Ms. Pol,
I'm sure Mr. Pol blogs instead of sitting at a bar playing fantesy football or watching TV. Bloging is definately a more worthwhile endevor. He gets to inspire others and be inspired (I hope). Cut him some slack, at least he doesn't have 2 blogs like Mr. Preschool.

Veeg said...

Mrs. P --

Triathlon is a mighty fine sport. Blogging is a mighty fine passtime.

I'm just sayin'. ;)

Comm's said...

My wife, whom I call Mistress, knows about my blog but as far as I know she has not and has no interest in reading it. My family and friends do but I do not mention it at work, though my name is making the rounds in the triathlon community in my town and people have put two and two together. its a dicey thing.