Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Race Schedule

I need to get a sidebar table set up, but for the time being, here is my almost completely confirmed race schedule for 2007.

May 20 - Green Bay Marathon (half or full?) - "C" or lower race. Running this as a bandit to support co-workers. One is running his first marathon, another (maybe two) running first half-marathon. This is basically a supported training run and the pace will be set by my co-workers.

June 9 - Bellin Run 10K - "A" race for running. Goal is to break 41 minutes and qualify for elite status in 2008.

June 24 - High Cliff Sprint Triathlon - "C" race. Focus on transitions and nutrition.

July 22 - Spirit of Racine Triathlon Half Ironman - "B" race. Improve transitions, finalize nutrition, run IM pace in preparation for Louisville.

August 26 - Ford Ironman Louisville - "A" race. Finish. Under 15 hours is great. Under 13 hours is nothing short of amazing.

This is just about the same number of races completed last year. Obviously, the distances have been ramped up a bit. So, it will be a busy year.


Mister P. said...

Busy season! I have a good friend moving to Louisville next year, and I'm targetting the 2008 Loisville as my first Ironman. So I definitely want to hear all the details.

Triteacher said...

I may do the High Cliff Half IM and the Spirit of Racine oly... I haven't made my final decisions yet, but I'll let you know when I do.

Have you done an IM or is Louisville your first?

Good luck with all!

Curly Su said...

how exciting! you're going to have a great year!

Iron Pol said...

Triteacher - Louisville will be my first IM.

I started with triathlons last year after about 5 years of running and marathons. I did two sprints and one olympic distance. This year adds the half and full IM distance.

TriBoomer said...

Hey Pol!

My plan is to be a volunteer at IM Louisville. I'll see you there!

Stay tuned...

Fe-lady said...

Sounds like a great year planned! And as for muscular calves...I prefer them over pecs any day! Why do you think I have been hanging out with runners and cyclists my whole life? :-)

a.maria said...

DUDE! you crazy.

*and* i hear its me and you as the support team leaders!

huzzah. we are gunna ROCK!

Cliff said...

Iron Pol,

That looks great...i would recommend running the half (the last half when your friend need the most support) instead of going all out.

Bigun said...

Nice schedule - I hope you can fully recover from your half in a month to run a good Ironman - I really don't know about these things - you and Mike R. probably have all that down pat! Good luck with it, IP - you da man!

Iron Pol said...

Before even considering IM Louisville after the half IM in July, I contacted a couple different people to ask about it.

All had the same response. A half IM at that point (5 weeks before IM) is actually a light training day. In all reality, I should do the race, then add the rest of my day's training.

tarheeltri said...

If I were you, these are the things I'd consider.

1. If you want your family at your HIM in July, you will seriously need to consider doing a HIM in May, earlier, if possible. Your wife will need a run through of a 8-9 hour race day when you add in the time it takes to get the kids ready, etc. Your race will most likely run into at least one of your kids naps. Will your kids lose it if they don't nap? Will your wife be able to leave the race site (mine couldn't) to get back to your hotel? Will she be able to get herself and the kids back to the car/van, if necessary, or will she have to carry everything with her? Where and how will she carry it? Where will the kids eat? What will they eat?If it rains where will she change diapers? What if there's no shade? Who will watch the kids if she has to use the porta potty (my wife, god bless her, propped the door open with the wagon while the kids sat in it and by the grace of god did not get out an run!)

My wife was more worn out after my first HIM than I was. Anyway, you don't want your wife to have a horrible experience at Racine because believe me, neither of you will want that extra stress a month out from the biggest race of your life.

2. If #1 isn't a factor or isn't logistically/financially possible, I would plan on running the half marathon since you've only got about 12 weeks to IM at that point.

3. If you don't do a HIM prior to Racine, don't take your wife, or have ALOT of support for her. Like I said in #1, your wife's day is going to be longer and harder and less fun than yours if she's managing the kids by herself. Depending on how the day goes, she may wind up not feeling very good about Ironman. In that regards my first HIM was an eye opener for me.

4. All the HIM stuff being said, managing kids at an Ironman is a piece of cake if you get a hotel closest to transition and/or the finish. With kids, you really must do this, unless your wife has some serious and reliable help.

M said...

I did the Racine Sprint last year & will be joining you to run the HIM this year prior to my IMOO adventure. There's a Radisson hotel really close to the start/finish at the beach and the town itself has lots of cool little shops if the kids don't mind shopping!