Monday, December 18, 2006

World's Easiest Winners

Um, wait, that didn't come out right...

Okay, in true super-geek fashion, I have identified the winners of the World's Easiest Contest. The Pol family left it up to random chance (in other words, they're all out, with Mrs. Pol wrapping presents for charity and the little ones literally zonked out). So, we went with the random number generator, first to three hits wins.

In first place, proving you don't have to know exactly what's happening to win, is Iron Benny. Benny is the proud new owner of a pair of Fox Cities Triathlon Club sox, a Fuel Belt running visor, and a Gu gel.

In second place, proving that complimenting the contest sponsor just might get the fates on your side, is Comm's. He will also receive a pair of Tri Fox socks and Gu, as well as a Tri Fox water bottle.

Congratulations to the winners. Stay tuned for future contests. It's hard to tell when I might come across things that are suitable for contest prizes (that I'm willing to give up). And with that, Monster Girl woke up screaming, so it's time to play dad, some more.


Flatman said...

Dang, dang, dang!!!

Deb said...

Congrats to the winners. Your little man is painfully sweet! You're a blessed man!!!

Comm's said...

well thank you sir. Not only was your contest fair and balanced but your generosity speaks volumes of your gratitude to us who read your blog. Will send you my address.