Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Team raceAthlete in Mad-Town

September 7-10, 2007 promises to be filled with huge events. First and foremost among them is the Ford Ironman Wisconsin race. As most know, this is the premier event for Team raceAthlete in 2007. It is also the pinnacle event for the sponsored members of the team to showcase the results of the "Train Like a Professional" program.

It also offers an opportunity to show the Team raceAthlete Support Crew in action. Who is on the Team raceAthlete Support Crew, you ask? Why, everyone, of course. All raceAthlete members will provide support in their own way. And those able to get to Madison on race weekend will be able to help directly.

a.maria and I will be putting together details in the next several months. Key among those details will be a listing of who will be there and those capacities they may best be able to fill. Whether volunteers on the course, video/picture crews documenting the race, or any of a list of roles, the support crew will be as much a part of the Team raceAthlete experience as those in the race.

In addition to coordinating race day activities, we will work together to plan "meet and greet" type events. This could include meals, training, or other social events.

If you will be in Madison, whether as a participant or support crew, let either a.maria or me know via e-mail. That will allow us to compile an e-mail list of those interested in planning. We will strive to provide at least one "key" event and several other options for those with tight schedules.

Let's prove that Team raceAthlete provides the best opportunities and the best support in town.


Sascha said...

Ever feel like you're commenting and blogging in a vacuum?

Wendy said...

I'm sure the emails are accumulating at record pace!

Curly Su said...

I'm gonna try really hard to get there...if I can't though, I'll do whatever I can from afar...

Bolder said...

thank you for doing this.

this is just incredible!