Wednesday, May 30, 2007


The Green Bay Marathon is behind me and the Bellin Run 10K is on the horizon. Still, it seems like weeks until the "real" race season starts. Despite my running background, we must remember that this is The Year of the Ironman. I think that's why everything seems to be in "limbo." Marathons and 10Ks are just training for what lies ahead.

Right now, just about everything in my life is focused on August 26th. When people want to get together, I check my training schedule THEN my calendar. When co-workers want to plan a bike-to-work day, it has to be when it fits in with my workouts for the week. Mrs. Pol is now in a routine of checking my training schedule when she plans things. (Of course, let's not get carried away, she still has her schedule, and my kids DO come first. Just ask Monster Girl.)

As that first key race approaches, training is ramping up. Weekend rides are quickly ramping up from the simple 90-120 minute sessions to the 4-hour trips that require more planning. Soon enough, I'll be able to schedule trips around Lake Winnebago as part of my standard training. And I'm still in limbo. That race can't get here soon enough. Lesson learned. Schedule an early season sprint, next year.

Not for training. Not for confidence. Just for sanity. June is too long to wait for a race.


Myles said...

You said it...I can not tolerate trading off too many races for my IM training which means that my IM training is probably a little under done and my short course "training" is over done.

Still, I've got to race.

Kewl Nitrox said...

Hmmm... so there is indeed some credit to those to suggest a training season of increasingly longer races - Sprint, O.D., HIM. and IM.