Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Things Change

Months ago, I posted about some co-workers, Belling Chick and K.C., trying to decide about signing up for the Green Bay Half-Marathon, which occurs just a few days from today. With four of us running either the full or half marathon, we made plans for a pre-race pasta party and all of our sherpas have planned their days. Their tapers are in full swing, and we are into the final restful days before the race.

If you had told me in December or January that the tables would be fully reversed and I would be cautioning any of the three against running the race, I'd have laughed. While injuries are always a possibility, the odds are certainly in our favor that we could all finish the race. And after years of encouraging my co-workers to try a half or full marathon, there is little that would lead me to encourage someone to have a DNS (did not start). And yet, things change.

Bellin Chick missed work on Monday, and a few well placed rumors suggested she might have had an attack of appendicitis. They were, of course, nothing more than well placed rumors. After all, Bellin Chick is back at work and there is nothing to indicate she had major surgery on Monday. No, she went to the hospital for an appendicitis. She left pregnant (and I believe she may have a legal case here). The hospital is sure to deny any culpability as she IS 14-weeks pregnant.

And this pregnancy is one they consider nothing short of a miracle. Having given up on children years ago, this situation is a pleasant and welcome shock. It also leads to an all too common dilemma. Run? Or not run?

I've provided what limited input I can. For many reasons, I'm very poorly qualified to give any real guidance here. But isn't it amazing how a few short months and a single piece of information can completely change perspective. On Monday, I was the biggest cheerleader, sending out taper information, planning the weekend, and ensuring everyone was on track for the race. On Wednesday, I find myself saying that it's just a race and there will be more, next year.


Wrenching Winz said...

Congrats to Bellin and her family on the nugget to be. I would think at 14 weeks she could do the half marathon, albiet slowly.

Iron Benny said...

I agree with you. However, I read an article the other day that mentioned how beneficial during-pregnancy exercise can be. HOWEVER, given her history, it seems she should consult a doctor ASAP. But yea, it is just a race and there will always be more. Besides, we train for a race to acquire the healthy benefits that lead up to the event. Finishing the race doesn't necessarily increase those benefits. But, it is a nice way to finish a training plan. Anyway, what I'm trying to say is that it is only a race and she has already benefited from it, so if it were me (and I had the ability to concieve of course), and there was even a remote chance of harming the pregnancy, I wouldn't run. But I would be calling my doctor for sure.

Interesting how something can go from "really important" to "realy not important" so quickly. Thanks Pol

Comm's said...

The 2nd trimester is still good for training, if she takes it slowly and doesn't over exert I think she would be fine. if nothing else she walks it. I had a friend who did an Ironman 6 weeks preg.

John said...

That's just your sage wisdom, built from experience, kicking in.

hak / john

SkiRough said...

Completely unrelated to your friend (and not trying to imply that she is like this at ALL), but you should see some of the preggos that work out in Central Park. Being a "hot mommy" is uber importante here in NYC. Pregnant chicks work out HARDCORE and are under inane amounts of pressure to stay all slim and attractive while knocked up. It's truly a phenomena. There was actually an article in New York Magazine about how a lot of families are having birthing problems because the mother's are working out too much and not eating enough.

Okay, tangent. Sorry. :)

Bigun said...

POL'ster - I'm sure you have some murkey laks where you are, but you should come and try out a central florida lake for some perspective. Nothing like not being able to see your hands while swimming AND wondering if that 'gator is on your tail....;-)

Tri Mom said...

Good luck this weekend! Have a great run!