Monday, July 16, 2007

Getting Close Too

With things being as hectic as they have, posting has been challenging enough. Posting pictures has been even more challenging. I really should be in bed, but the camera was busting at the seams, and there were some good pictures to be downloaded.

Here are a few of the better ones, beginning with pictures from the High Cliff half-IM pre-race dinner.

Everyone having good food and good fellowship!

George Schweitzer (Article George) and Simply Stu.

Tri-bloggers at the end of a nice evening! (Only triathletes would say "end of the evening" when there's that much daylight left) (from left: Iron Pol, Simply Stu, Rural Girl, Iron Wil, George Schweitzer)

And a few pictures from the Wisconsin Ironman Brick Adventure on Saturday, July 7th.

A few of the daring swimmers. Note the speedboat in the background.

Yeah, this is just how raceAthlete rolls. We compete against water skiers. Swimmer wins!

WIBA T1 - A very relaxed transition area

I did get one more picture. That would be the picture of Iron Wil coming out of the water after the swim. She made veiled threats about pictures involving neoprene and messing with Italian girls. That may have explained the odd feelings of being followed all over the IMWI bike course later in the day. If you want to see that picture, you'll have to plead your case with her. I don't mind swimming with the fish. Sleeping with them, that's another story.


TriBoomer said...

Cool pics. It would have been a blast to have been with you guys at WIBA. BTW, I'm racing Louisville '08.

Stay tuned...

George Schweitzer said...

All right! Great pics! See ya this weekend!

Bigun said...

ahh, pol, she's can take her....