Thursday, July 12, 2007

Getting Close

This morning it hit me that we must be getting close to Ironman Louisville. Was it because I looked at my countdown clock and saw a much lower number? No. Was it because I received some kind of vital "down to the wire" paperwork from the race director? No. Was it because someone sent me an e-mail and said, "Oh my God, look at how close it's getting!" No, it wasn't any of those.

It might have been:

1. Waking up and going to the pool for a 2300 yard swim despite there being no swim scheduled for this morning. Just because getting up and swimming is how things normally go.

2. Realizing that I see more of the lifeguard than my wife or kids.

3. When asked for directions to my house, I give them to the person, only to have them call me from either the YMCA or the state park where I start my bike rides.

4. I reviewed my training statistics since signing up for IMKY and realized just how much effort has been dedictated to getting to the starting line.

Swim - 283,356 yds
Bike - 907.2 miles plus 46 hours 10 minutes on the trainer
Run - 522.3 miles

Total time - 282 hours

The next time someone questions who is and isn't an Ironman based on finishing a race or, worse yet, which race was completed, simply remind them of numbers like that.


a.maria said...

just out of curiosity, where/how exactly to you keep track of all of this?!

George Schweitzer said...

solid..very solid numbers there. Its going to be a good day for you come August. See you next weekend!

Wendy said...

Great work IP! Stick to the plan! (Except for those extra swims.) The countdown clock says 43 days out, and it's going to speed by.

Fe-lady said...

Great numbers+hard work= Super Ironman Finish!
I AM impressed and hope I can do similar while training next year....

Bigun said...

YEA! BITCH! Those were the first words I though of after reading your post, oh, and "GET SOME!" screamed as loud as you can.

Di aka "Mrs Bigun" said...

Pol, you are ready.