Sunday, July 22, 2007

Nail Polish, Blown Plans, Bike Karma, and a PR

Yes, those things all relate. This isn't a "one of these things doesn't belong." I completed the Spirit of Racine Half-IM triathlon, and had a great day.

I'll provide more details in the full race report, but here are the ticklers.

On Saturday, as we prepared to head to Racine, my 20-month old daughter found a bottle of nail polish. Blue, to be exact.

The aforementioned discovery led to SIGNIFICANT delays in travel, which drastically changed all of the plans for the day in Racine.

I had to fix a flat in the race. And against all odds, it was a front flat. It was not, however, on my bike.

Despite the delays involved in playing SAG support, I managed a PR by nearly 16 minutes.

By the numbers:

Swim Goal - 43 minutes. Official swim time - 43:22 (unofficial swim time 41:30 with a 2-minute 100 yard dash through the sand).

Bike goal - 2:50. Official bike time - 2:53:06. Too bad karma can't be traded in for time credits.

Run goal - 1:55. Official run time - 1:45:51. I was trying to get my time back.

Overall goal - 5:30. Official total time - 5:31:08. Chivalry does, after all, have a price.


Molly said...


You big tease....details, we ned details!

Veeg said...

You had a ROCKING race!

I looked for you out on the bike, and I didn't get to the run finish until after you were already done!

tarheeltri said...

Awesome race! Can't wait to read the details!!!

Wendy said...

Excellent IP!!!! Looking forward to the report!

Sascha said...

Darn! I wish I'da known you were out there. Would have been cool to actually cheer you for you? Did you see me and my friend James? We were yelling on the bike course in 3 different places and were by the zoo exit on the run course! Great job man!

Brent Buckner said...

Great race!

So close to taper!

High Voltage Electrical Tech said...

Here is a link for pictures of the Spirit of Racine 2007.
Please pass it arond so tyhe sponsors and the athletes can remember this great event.
The gallery should be updated by the end of the week !
By the way I was there when your tire blew ! Tough Break ! Great Race !

Rural Girl said...

Great Job. Blue nail polish Huh? Sounds lovely.

Fe-lady said...

A 5:30 half IM!!!
Maybe finger nail polish fumes are the new "Gu"?
You are my new hero! Congratulations!
(I AM impressed!!!) Puff out your chest and walk around proudly now..... :-)