Sunday, April 23, 2006

Daddy Pol

Well, training got busted up a bit, this weekend. Mrs. Pol had an out-of-town decorative painting conference Friday through Sunday. That left little time to focus on training, and lots of time to focus on the "Big Red Firetrucks" DVD Toddler Pol got for Easter. And feeding Baby Pol.

This is in no way a complaint. Though I have already pointed out to Mrs. Pol that this weekend has to be good for at least 25% of a new tri-bike, spending a weekend being daddy is something I enjoy. That it plays with the training schedule is minor. If this is the worst my schedules get trashed over the next 12 months (or even 2 months), I will consider it a good season. Besides, there is something gained from watching a 5-month old smile as you play "I-can-fly" with her that is missed in an 8-mile interval run.

So, we had fun meals, watched some silly shows, and got some shopping done. And some of that was even fun. We went to Barnes and Noble, and I picked up another "Triathlete" magazine and the book "Triathlon 101." Toddler Pol got two books, one about Buzz Lightyear, the other about Peter Pan. We are both VERY excited about our purchases.

In the "improving Running Pol's diet" category, we hit the store and picked up fruits, vegetables, and other healthy snacks. It's 100% fruit juice over soda, grapes over M&Ms, pretzels over chips. By hook or by crook, I'm getting under 190 (and then under 185) pounds. Some shoe guru was trying to upsell me by about $50 for a pair of shoes that are 4 ounces lighter. First, anything less than 2 hours improvement is basically irrelevant. Second, I can gain a lot more than 4 ounces just by improving my eating habits.

So, it was a wonderful "Daddy" weekend with the children. We used our "single daddy" time to bond and improve ourselves. Mrs. Pol even got home early enough for me to get in a quick 10 mile training run. Now, if I can just convince her that this weekend really IS worth 25% of a new tri-bike, it will be perfect.


Kewl Nitrox said...

Hey Iron Pol!

Welcome to the sweaty world of tri-bloggers. :) I will update my blog roll later today and change your link accordingly.

Good job on the brick. I did another one on Sunday just because I could not fit in a swim and a ride on different days. :)

Nice profile photo too.

God Speed!

Kewl Nitrox said...
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Kewl Nitrox said...

Oh, and I must say that blogger is a good choice (at least for me). With MSN, I had to logon with my Yahoo email and I must confess that it was a bit of a pain to leave comments there. :)

Plus, I can sing all the Barney songs, so I identify with your weekend. :D