Saturday, April 15, 2006


If there is a challenge to training for endurance events, it is the art of juggling training, work, family, and the rest of life. Holidays provide one more ball to keep in the air. And if a spouse happens to have a birthday at the same time, wheeeee. FYI, Mrs. Pol's birthday is April 16th.

For the Pol family, the jogging stroller eases the stress of juggling training and family. Now that spring has arrived, Toddler Pol (my two year old son) can join in training runs by riding in his stroller. Though it sometimes requires changing the training plan, it prevents many sessions from being scrapped altogther. Today was one of those days.

Easter breakfast at church required a prep and setup meeting, this morning. Mrs. Pol had errands to run, and church, this evening. So, Toddler Pol joined me in a 5.5 mile run. It was going to be a 6.5 mile run, and the route was changed to stay off a stretch of road that poses to great a risk with the stroller.

Running with Toddler Pol is wonderful. He has to make sure he has a bottle of "sportsdrink," which can be juice or water, though he loves Gatorade and Gu2O. He takes charge of the RoadID, and anything else that might be needed. And he talks up a storm. Pushing the stroller with his weight also makes those sessions without him seem easier.

As this journey towards triathlete continues, I will have to learn to better manage my time. Thankfully, Mrs. Pol is very supportive of the endeavor (we haven't started talking bike prices, yet). Toddler Pol loves to watch me train, and occasionally participate. Baby Pol, my five-month old daughter, will have the same opportunity to go with me, when she can go in the stroller.

For all you with triathlon experience, your suggestions, guidance, and lessons learned are more than welcome. They are something that will be greatly valued. I did the training for my first marathon with no outside help. As I headed into other races, I learned from that mistake. I now look for and accept the assistance of those with more experience.

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