Tuesday, June 06, 2006

And the Beat Goes On

It's been a few days since the Trinity Triathlon (henceforth known as The Great Barefoot Adventure) and life continues to move on. Finishing dead last had no lasting effect, and becoming a sort of legend is cool. At the annual picnic of The Fox Cities Triathlon Club, there were people who did double-takes when they realized that I was "Barefoot Running Guy."

Training hasn't slowed down. After getting the chain on my bike replaced, I went out for a 22 mile group ride on Sunday. We kept up a pretty good 18 MPH pace, and there were no further disasters with the bike. And we had lots of good food.

Yesterday's attempt at running quickly turned into a core body strength session. While the feet recovered from Saturday's run nicely, my calves are fairly well hammered. Two laps around the track were enough to verify that. That's okay because a good workout focused on the core always does good.

This morning, it was 1000 yards in the pool. 100 yard repeats with 30 second rest intervals. I spent lots of time focusing on the breathing portion, as that was lacking (more than usual) in the race. I had a lane partner the whole time, which helped generate turbulence in the water, minimally simulating waves. Mrs. Pol is also considering a summer pass to a local state park, where I can get some serious open water swimming done. If we work it right, she can take the kids and play (and watch the bike) while I swim. That will enable me to get the open water training done, and combine it with a good ride to complete the brick.

And in true Pol fashion, the next races are already being considered. Next week's Bellin Run 10K is the last race for which I am currently signed up and paid. Unless I decide to run another sprint race in July, it is likely that the two final races of the season will be the Oshkosh Area Sprint Triathlon and the Fox Cities Marathon. Like many others, my best motivation comes from being registered (and paid) in several upcoming events.

So, with no lasting and little short term damage, I leave the ranks of "never completed a triathlon" and hit the ground hobbling. In short order, I'll be right back in the mix ready to tear things up in Oshkosh.


Deb said...

Pretty amazing stuff... Congrads! Friendly suggestion..make sure you treat Mrs Pol very well so she will continue to support you (play with kids while you swim)in feeding your triathlon passion. Remember that and she'll treat you like a king! ;)
Congrads again!!!!

Lisa said...

A legend in your own right! :)

There's a really good chance I'll see you at both Oshkosh and Fox Cities. :)

Veeg said...

I think I will also see you at Oshkosh! Unless the nag in my gastrocnemius decides to turn into something more sinister. . . .