Monday, June 12, 2006

Everyman's Accomplishments

As endurance athletes, we all strive to accomplish the difficult task of balancing work, family, life, and training. And as triathletes, we increase the complexity of the equation by training in three separate disciplines. There is a reason that triathletes are some of the most organized people in the world. They have to be.

Everyman Triathlete Roman Mica has added a few other dimensions to the mix. Like many of us, he manages his successful weblog. He can be counted on for entries from humorous to inciteful to highly technical. His contacts in the sport allow him to present interviews we would otherwise never hear. And he adds an element of fun when sponsors provide him with swag to give as prizes.

In addition to his blog, Roman has been busy writing a book. Having never written a book, I am unable to say if this is a daunting, "climbing Everest" type task, a difficult "endurance event" type task, or a relatively mundane "fell into place" type thing. But having never written a book, I am impressed whenever meeting someone who has. Besides actually writing the book, there are the tasks associated with actually getting it published and then sold.

Very shortly, Roman will have accomplished the first two of those tasks when his first book, My Training Starts Tomorrow is released. The link goes to an entry he posted when the cover of the book was completed. Once the book is released, you will be able to get a copy through his website and other locations. Check back for news regarding that actual release date.

And because Roman apparently has plenty of time left over after the training, writing, and blogging, he has been working on another effort. The Race Athelete Performance Network (RAPN) is a new website dedicated to providing information and articles from various sources around the internet and blogland. Like any good publication, the RAPN presents a variety of topics. Visitors will be able to find humor, technical information, motivation, and training/racing tips. And Roman and the other contributors are there to provide answers to questions posed by those visitors. The strength of the site will be the cooperation of a great variety of sources.

Pay a visit to Everyman Triathlon. There is a lot to see, and the time will be well spent. Keep an eye out for the release of his book and consider helping send him to the New York Times best seller list. And stop by the RAPN and see what it has to offer.

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