Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Triathlon Pictures

Triathletes generally have to rely upon others to provide the video or photo journals of their races. Luckily for me, one member of the family (Mrs. Pol) has an art degree with an emphasis on photography. She took all of the race picture previously posted. She does an amazing job of capturing the action, often using relatively basic equipment such as our low end digital camera. And in true triathlete fashion, she juggles several roles as she helps organize race gear, takes pictures, and watches and entertains children.

After the Trinity race, her biggest concern was that she missed getting pictures of me on the bike and a finish line picture showing the clock. The truth is that she got some amazing pictures, capturing the feeling of transitions and the focus being put into the race. Especially in this first race, those pictures say more than the finish time.

The really nice thing about well organized races is that there are others on the race course taking pictures. And, in this case, they captured some of those shots Mrs. Pol was unable to get. Though I believe hers were still superior, despite the gap in equipment, here are a couple shots taken by race photographers.

Iron Pol at the START of the bike

Iron Pol crossing the finish (yikes, what a time)

Iron Pol receiving his award (for determination, not the awesome time)

In case it isn't said enough, thank you, Mrs. Pol, for all the support in these races. From event planner to child caregiver to photographer to occassional SAG wagon (when the bike or the legs give out), none of these events would be possible without your help. And even with all the challenges, your pictures are still the best of the bunch.


Kewl Nitrox said...

What no pictures of you in full aero tuck? You will just have to do another triathlon then. ;P

BTW, I am one of those who have never named their bikes. To me, a bike is a bike. As much I love it and it takes centerstage in my living room, it's a bike. That way I have no excuses for my poor bike splits. :D

Deb said...

Great pics..and what a great husband (and triathlete) you are to recognize your biggest supporter! Looks like a great time!