Friday, June 02, 2006

Grumpy Pol

Work is a nightmare, today. Not because of anything work related, that's usually pretty mundane. It's all triathlon related.

First, the bike store screwed up. More specifically, the Milwaukee branch of the store where I'm buying my bike screwed up, big time. It seems they forgot to put a certain Felt S25 on the truck, yesterday. That's fairly important, as that is the bike I'm supposed to be buying. So, after the Christmas-like excitement that shadowed me all day was deflated when I called to make sure they did in fact have the bike. They promised they would have it by around 1 p.m. today.

That had two significant areas of impact. The excitement that dogged me remains, as I have yet to get the bike. And the opportunities for a few "get acquainted" rides are gone. I'll only have one good opportunity to ride the bike, and that's at the store while it's being put together and fitted.

Second, it's now less than two hours from the end of my work day. It's time to head home, get the car, the kids, the wife, and everything else ready to go to Waupaca. A quick swing by the bike store where they BETTER have my bike, and we're out of here. It's difficult to accomplish much at work when you have big events on the weekend, and a short day, at that.

The good news? I hope to get something out of the bike shop for leaving me hanging. A nice biking jersey, toys, whatever. I figure they should be willing to give some kind of compensation for taking what was already a tight schedule and blowing it up.

Have a great weekend. The next time I post will be after becoming an official triathlete (even if it's only a fledgling triathlete).

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