Wednesday, June 14, 2006

The Name Game

It appears that TriGreyhound caught the reference about Tolkien, as he suggested Galadriel as a name for my new bike. TriMama had a neat reference to ships with USS Iron Toddler that strikes just a bit too close to home. The tribute to Toddler Pol really has potential. And IntheFastLane may have been conspiring with Mrs. Pol. The bananas reference sounds ominously similar to some of the ideas from her.

All of this discussion did loosen one idea from my brain. It is a bit of a play on words, leaves the bike as an object rather than a person, and has some potential for further plays on words. That is "Pol-R Express." Or, for Nytro, "Pol-R Exprezz." Hopefully. the initial play on words is clear (if not, it's from the movie, with my screen name). Some of the subtle points are that trains are made of one massive amount of iron, and, though slow, are extraordinary workhorses. Plus, I could refer to boarding the Pol-R Express when I go on rides. The possibilities are endless.

So, let me know what you think. Is this a suitable name for a bike? It seems to have potential.

Incidentally, Mister P at Neoprene Wedgie posted a hilarious race report for his first Olympic distance triathlon. It is definitely worth a read. As I am considering my first Olympic tri, I consider it educational.

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Deb said...

Soo personal....naming something. I think you've landed on the right one!