Friday, June 30, 2006

Slow Day

It's a bit of a slow day. Training was a short bike, this morning. The only item of note was the deer that ran across the road right in front of me. While deer vs. car is a toss up, I'm fairly certain that deer vs. Iron Pol on The Pol-R Express will end with the deer being victorious. Apparently, the deer REALLY wanted to get to the other side of the road. Perhaps he wanted to see what attracted the chicken's attention.

Given the lack of exciting post material, I started searching the songs at VideoCure. While there are a lot of songs I might like to put up here, I'm limited by what is available. I narrowed it down to four songs by three artists.

Taking third place is Trans-Siberian Orchestra. They only came in third because my favorite song isn't available. As we get closer to Christmas, you can expect to see their music posted. Unless Toddler Pol keeps giving me "gifts" because it's "Christmas." If he keeps that up, I might just put out all the Christmas decorations to make him happy.

In second place is Silent Lucidity by Queensrhyche. While not a huge fan, this song is awesome, and it is also quite likely to be posted in the future. I love the dream sequence concept of the video, and having kids that get scared at night adds meaning.

But first place had to be reserved for something truly remarkable. So, the honor goes to November Rain by Guns and Roses. Not because it's a particularly awesome song. I like it, but don't consider it somehow amazing. No, Axel Rose gets the nod because of the lengths to which he will go to get his name in the paper. Lucky for Axel, he won't have to wait until the "November Rain" starts to get back to his life. So, to help Axel take a bite out of security guards, er, crime, we'll listen to his song for a bit.


Kewl Nitrox said...

I say just give up and put up the Xmas decorations already! :)

Good observation about swimming versus biking and running. Perhaps we all have to learn to just enjoy it a bit more.

Veeg said...

Bring on the Queensryche!

Although, both that and GnR remind me that I am not quite so. . . youthful as I was when I first enjoyed them. :/

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