Friday, October 27, 2006

And a Wake Up

In the Navy, everything is referred to as something and a wake up. As in, "We'll be home from this cruise in 3 and a wake up." Or, "My EAOS (discharge date) is in 10 and a wake up."

Well, for those racing IM Flipper, it's 7 and a wake up. So, it's time to kick up the pace of the music, and give them songs to keep in mind while they race. We will, of course, end with suitably played out "champion" type songs. But for now, it's just upbeat, rhythmic tunes to bring the energy to a new level.

We'll start with something about blue aliens.


Comm's said...

I use X days and wake up from back in my army days.

I started to use X days and cannon blast in reference to the cannon start for each IM

I got clued into a great way to rephrase that recently... X Nights left for decent sleep.

So True.

TriBoomer said...

Half a fortnight and it's race on!

Stay tuned...

Wendy said...

Pol, I think Blogger age my yesterday's comment ... but I think this Music for Flipper thing is going to be great!