Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Pass the Torch

A campfire standard and Christian hymn starts with the phrase, "It only takes a spark, to get a fire going." This is so true, and tonight, it will be a blowtorch instead of a spark.

Tonight, we give the first presentation aimed at motivating young kids to try endurance sports. Whether it's biking, running, or triathlon, we want to generate interest and excitement. If all goes well, I will have to balance Ironman training with coaching a group of 6-12 graders for various endurance events.

The cost is worth the return. In a day and age where so many target junk food to fight obesity, I want to resort to an age tested method. Rather than control intake, I want to boost consumption. Rather than have a bunch of couch potatoes (with nicely controlled diets), I want to mentor a group of maniacs who have to eat to fuel their exercise. Next year, I want to have a group of kids who can stand on the stage and tell others how awesome it is to complete a road race or triathlon.

Mostly, I hope to instill in at least a few of these young men and women the discipline to struggle towards a goal they view as worthwhile. Every one of us works hard to reach our goals. Whether it's an Ironman triathlon or a 5K walk, it takes effort to succeed.

The better our kids understand that, the better people they will become.


hakado ru said...

Outstanding! I look forward to hearing your progress reports.

We need more people like you doing this.


Deb said...

How awesome is that?! Not just with exposing these kids to a great lifestyle, but giving them your time. More kids than you know will value that the rest of their lives. Parents busy or just not capable to be there for them in that way. Kudo's to you, and yes, the return on this investment will make you a rich man!

Curly Su said...

that's great. thank you.

Veeg said...

You? Are a hero. Truly.

a.maria said...

thats awesome! i'd LOVE to find a program like that and take part.. i wish there had been something like that when *i* was a teeny-bopper (i know. you think i'm STILL a teeny-bopper. but its all relative!)

very cool indeed. i hope it goes swimmingly, you'll have to keep us up to date on all the kids' progress!