Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Lottery Un-News

Apparently Ironman North America caught wind of a certain triathlete's plans to use the IM MOO lottery spots as a backup to the IM Louiseville backup and will be thwarting some carefully laid plans. IM Able has once again broke the story with some obviously inside and seemingly fickle sources:

BOULDER, Colo.-Due to unforeseen circumstances, the lottery scheduled to open today for spots for the 2007 Subaru Ironman Canada and the 2007 Ford Ironman Wisconsin Triathlon have both been cancelled. Athletes who have registered for the lotteries will have their fees credited back to their credit card.

Ironman North America apologizes for any confusion. Qualifying spots are available for both events for those still interested in racing at Subaru Ironman Canada or at Ford Ironman Wisconsin, For a complete list of qualifiers, log onto http://www.ironmannorthamerica.com/qualify/imnaqual.php

Now, to be quite honest, there didn't seem to be much confusion. Things were moving along nicely. Only the sudden and drastic reversal of their announcement caused any confusion. Apparently enough confusion that there are actually fees to be refunded.

My question is this. Exactly what unforeseen circumstances could result in such a reversal? Madison suddenly vanishing? Lake Monona mysteriously shrinking in its capacity to hold swimmers? The parking ramp at Monona Terrace being declared safe for exactly 100 fewer bikes?

It all seems quite odd, to me. Things could get interesting if the WTC opts to start taking ownership of more IM races in the United States.


Danielle said...

Bummer! I mean, that is practically cruel to dangle that out there then snatch it away...

IM Able said...

Such an emotionally draining day. The ups. The downs. First the lake fits more...now it fits less. And now Madison is SHRINKING!! Good grief!

Good to see that your countdown clock is still showing the big thumbs up for Plan A. Fingers crossed on the 21st for IM Loo!


Wendy said...

There are things that are wrong. Then there are things that are wrong in so many ways and on so many levels. This would be the latter ....