Sunday, October 01, 2006

Veeg Goes the Distance

As a not-yet fully Iron "Iron Pol," it is sometimes difficult to "welcome" people to the rank of Ironman. There will always be congratulations given, and admiration of a job well done, but something is missing. It is difficult to accept people into a group to which you don't belong.

Marathons, however, are another story. My own accomplishments, while exciting, are far less remarkable, as they are simply repeating a process already done in the past. But when another individual achieves marathon status, there's cause to celebrate.

Today was one of those days. Veeg went the distance and joined the rank of marathoner. I won't steal too much of her thunder, so you'll have to hit her site to read the race report. She currently has the "I did it" version posted. I'm sure she'll follow her normal practice and get more details on her blog in the coming days.

A very tiny percentage of Americans ever join the ranks for marathoner. Stop by her site and leave a comment congratulating her on her accomplishments. She deserves it for finishing a marathon, and she deserves it for the stellar performance she gave.

Congratulations, Veeg! You did it!

1 comment:

Veeg said...

Aww! Thanks!

I feel like a star. :)