Thursday, October 19, 2006

Two Days

It's less than two days until the next big event in the world of triathlon. It's less than two days until thousands of people step up and push themselves to the limits of their endurance. Less than two days until triathletes give their all in pursuit of an elusive goal.

I will be right there with them. While we may not share the same physical space, we are all brothers and sisters in our effort. We have all trained for this event, and we all have the same dream, to finish. And for those who fall along the way, the pain will be real. Failure at this juncture could haunt us for months.

We must trust in our training. We must believe in ourselves. We must remain confident in our ability to succeed. The prize is worth the struggle.

So, as we step to the line, good luck to everyone who will attempt to register for Ironman Louisville on Saturday.

Oh yeah. The Ironman World Championships will be held on that day, too. Good luck to all participants. I will, however, be otherwise occupied at 2 p.m. central time.


Spokane Al said...

Good job on deliberately taking us in one direction while the real message was in a different direction.

I enjoyed it.

Deb said...

Good luck with ALL of your efforts. Be safe, stay injury free and make it fun!

Ladyrunner said...

Best of luck to all!! :)

Lisa said...

Good luck with the entry! Can't wait to hear if you make it in! :)