Thursday, October 05, 2006

Stop the Insanity

Here's a recipe for creating an insane triathlete:

Take one first season triathlete and add substantial training. This will produce a former marathoner who can successfully swim at least a mile, bike at least 75 miles, and run 26.2 miles.

Add the vision of one man who is both author and Ironman, blogger and businessman, friend and mentor. The introduction of his plans for IM Wisconsin 2007 and a fledgling team of endurance athletes provides the catalyst to discussion, planning, and tension.

To this mix, add one registration that closes in under one hour. The thrill of making a leap of faith and going on a journey with so many friends (most of whom have never been met) ensures the contents are well shaken.

Allow frustration at being unable to register for IM MOO '07 to settle in, and allow that triathlete to again revise plans and move on. There is a half-Ironman race that is begging for participants, and other years for that IM race.

Once the triathlete has settled into the mindset of "half IM, support team at IM WI 2007, and sign up for 2008." Any remaining tensions are relieved by ranting about the need for additional races in the Ford Ironman series.

Wait several weeks for a response to the rant (and a prompt response it was, I'll gladly take suggestions for my next rant directed their way).

This will result in at least one triathlete going out of his head. He must now go through the same process already endured, with the added noise of having a half-Ironman five weeks prior to the announced August 26 race day.

Stay tuned for what is sure to be my head exploding...


Flatman said...

Could you ask them for an Ironman in Texas?



nancytoby said...

Oh, heck, just do another one!! IMMOO ain't the only fish in the ocean!

Hakado Ru said...

C'mon out to Vegas for the Silverman! Heck, if Dave Scott describes it as the toughest course in North America, it ought to provide a pretty good challenge. Plus, the scenery will be fantastic.

2006 marks its second year and it will keep growing the way it's being promoted...the large prize purse doesn't hurt either.

The Silverman will be my baptismal Ironman distance race, even if it doesn't have the official Ironman name.