Sunday, August 20, 2006

By the Numbers

Just for Mister P. over at Neoprene Wedgie, here's how the numbers breakdown from the official results of this weekends triathlon (full race report below).

Swim - 23m27s, 299/349, 10:40 (2m40s/100 yds, compared to 2m42s/100 last week). That's not too bad considering how wiped I felt in the swim.

T1 - 3m46s, including a long, uphill run to get there.

Bike - 59m33s, 111/349, (20.15 mph compared to 18.6 mph last week). Given the double time trial training Friday, I'll take it.

T2 - 1m3s, with most of the improvement from actually remembering how my shoes work.

Run - 30m12s, 294/349, (9m45s/mile compared to 7m51s last week). Given my co-workers GI distress, I think he maintained a good pace.

I'm not sure how I forgot this in the original post:

Overall - 1h58m0s, 238/349 (the "349" represents total males. There were 229 females, 72 finishing before me. That would make me something like 309 of 578 total. Leaving me still struggling to break the upper half.

Update on co-worker: He called to thank me again, last night. He mentioned that his stomach still felt like he'd spent the day as a punching bag. Anyone with any ideas beyond it being a result of his stomach rebelling over the use of gels, please let me know.

BTW, he's obviously hooked. He spent most of our call going over the race, and detailing how he could do better, next time. He was excited that, though weak on the swim, he was able to make up so much ground on the bike. He was also distressed to have lost so much on the run. His focus is already on next year, and what races he will want to do.


Deb said...

Very cool of you to mentor him. It's fun to 'be there' and play a part of it when someone gets hooked!

Bolder said...

i think that's cool that you got the call the day before to do the tri, kinda like mine on the weekend.

and, you recognized that supporting your friend to the finish line, was more important than putting up times and min/miles.

you are having a great triathlon season -- what do those brigaders have to say about 'dem apples?!?