Monday, August 14, 2006

Race Pictures

Okay, it took some time, but I was finally able to prove two things. First, I can kick bloggers butt and work around their goofy issues. Second, I'll go through a lot to get these pictures posted for everyone to see. FYI, if you are running into issues uploading pictures, here's one possible solution. Blogger seems to have a refresh issue affected by either cache files or cookies. I deleted my history, cache, and cookies after each upload and was able to get all of the pictures uploaded. Sometimes, I had to back all the way out and open a new window. Yippeee! What fun. So, without further delay, here are the better pictures from the race, along with a few helpful comments.
Helmet, check. Water bottles, umm, water bottles?

So, where DID I hide my bottles? And why aren't they in their cages?

Exiting T1 and heading for the bike mount area

Heading into T2 after a short bike ride

A visit with my biggest fan

Finishing strong

35 miles and still smiling (there must be a camera somewhere)

Carry me, Daddy


nancytoby said...

Wow, that sure is a purty bike. And all your stuff MATCHES!!! I'm impressed!! Cute kid, too!!!

Iron Pol said...

Damn that was fast, Nancy. I was still trying to get everything else finished up, and WHAM, there's a comment.

Thanks for the comments. I bought the bike to match the outfit. And guys talk about women accessorizing...

Flatman said...

Nice pictures!!! Cute kiddo...

Cliff said...

Iron Pol..

just read your race report. Love the pic of u with your kid.

As for the swim, I know i dont' swim i like u i swim more distance than require :0..

Mister P. said...

In the photo "with your biggest fan"... That isn't the finish chute in the middle of the race is it?! Paying attention to your kids is one thing, but stopping right before the end of a race is another! (I think maybe it's just the fence to transtion area.)