Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Renaming Ceremony

When I created my first blog, The Running Pol, some amount of thought went into the name. As I moved into triathlons and joined the TBC (tri blog community), this blog's name just flowed from that. When it came to my wife and kids, the creativity was gone. They simply became offshots of the "Pol" name.

It's time to correct that. While my wife will continue to go by the Pol name, or by the very honored title of Iron Sherpa, our children have their own identities and should have their own names.

My son, whose name begins with B, has a great love of anything that involves a ball. Baseball, basketball, soccer, or throwing things he thinks are balls. So, in honor of the B theme, Toddler Pol will henceforth be referred to as B-Boy. At such time as he becomes truly aware of this blog and/or wants to give his own nickname, we'll change it, again.

My daughter is another story. Her name begins with M, and she has a tendency to growl. We're not quite sure where it comes from, but when she's really happy, she'll sit and growl at you. The frequency with which she does that led my wife to inadvertently provide her new name. Baby Pol will now be known as Monster Girl.

When time avails itself, I'll post some pictures of both of them so faces can be put with names.


Bolder said...

somehow, i visualized a big pair of scissors, and a red ribbon.

what a day!

Flatman said...

Too funny. My son made some weird noises when he was happy as a baby too!

(don't worry, she will grow out of it! :) )

How old are they?

Iron Pol said...

Bolder - It took me a moment to get that remark. Then my brain recovered from the big accounting meeting.

Flatman - 32 months (going on 5 yrs) and 38 weeks (going on 12).

Deb said...

Give that family their props! Sounds like you've got a good....very good thing there!