Tuesday, August 15, 2006

The More Things Change...

Well, triathlon season is winding down for this midwesterner. With the possible exception of running a sprint next weekend, my last race for 2006 will be the Fox Cities Marathon in September. A co-worker racing in his first triathlon has asked if I will join with him in the 1/2 mile swim, 20 mile bike, 5K run event. I'll be there to support him, no matter what, and plan on taking my gear, just in case.

Even so, in typical Pol fashion, my focus is already on the 2007 season. Several races are given. There will be a Valentine's Day (or close) 15K race in February. Relatively new, this race is a wonderful test of how the winter training programs are progressing. The Green Bay Marathon is generally in May, and it is quite likely I will run the full marathon again, next year. And then, triathlons will be starting up, again. I will leave behind the newbie status I carried, this year. While still learning, the experiences of these first few races will serve me well.

Those experiences will be called upon as the plans are already being laid for at least one half-Ironman in 2007. There is also the Chicago Accenture Olympic distance, which may have a huge draw from the TBC. If TriGreyhound can make it from Texas, there is little reason why I can't drive the 3 hours to get there.

One thing that will stay the same is the level and intensity of training. Though I will take some time off after the marathon, October will find me developing a winter training program aimed at improving my swimming (including bilateral breathing and speedwork), building upon my aerobic base, and integrating strength training into the mix. The gains of the summer and successes of the first triathlon season will be capitalized upon, and I will go into 2007 ready to better every PR set in 2006.


Deb said...

Awesome pictures...you are a rich man! That Tracey Chapman song is one of my absolute favorites!!!!!! Good choice...heart and soul in the right place!

Fe-lady said...

Tell my husband I am NOT crazy for planning ahead for 2007 and even 2008. We have big visions and dreams to fill and only so much time...right? :-)
Keep on plannin' and racing!