Thursday, August 03, 2006

Minor Victories

The road from non-swimming marathoner to triathlete to Ironman is filled with obstacles. And like most triathletes, I see them as hurdles to be overcome. Many of those who see them as road blocks are most likely sitting at home, watching t.v.

Today, I got over another one of those little hurdles. And it was a hurdle in my weakest area. The swim.

While I have completed several long distance swims (over 1 mile) at this point, they have all involved what could be called "rest swimming." Every several hundred yards, the need for air forces me to go to a side position to catch my breath. That, obviously, results in significant lost time. Breathing, however, is more important than time.

This morning, with a 2000 yard swim scheduled, I was determined to make headway in this area. The goal was to go no less than 500 yards before going to my side for those breaths. I am extremely happy as I was able to complete the total distance without a single break. The entire session was "four strokes and breathe."

This is a big boost in confidence. My greatest weakness has always been poor breathing technique. While there is a lot of room for improvement, including bilateral breathing, it is a huge stride to hit the half-Ironman swim distance without having to break out of form just to catch my breath. There's hope for the flounder, yet.


Flatman said...

Awesome achievement, my friend.

Sherri said...

that's great iron pol! and a huge accomplishment. following your journey to becoming a stronger swimmer has been fun. good deal!

jeanne said...

awesome! I love your attitude. you're gonna kick swimming's butt!

Bolder said...

that's huge.


keep at it. you're doin' grrreat!!

greyhound said...

Been there and gasped that. It's a good feeling, isn't it.

Comm's said...

The swim can be so intimidating. Its not like you can stop and unclip or walk a bit. Remember these little miracles and progress.