Monday, August 07, 2006

Various Ramblings

Woohoo For Nytro!

She completed her first Olympic distance triathlon. The swim report has been posted, and if her bike and run went anywhere near as well as the swim, she did awesome. Her swim time was great for an admitted beginner in the sport. She should be proud, and I know that Iron Benny is proud of her. Stop by and congratulate her on the awesome performance.

In other triathlon news, both Buttercup (NancyToby's) and The Pol-R Express experienced flats on their rear tires, this weekend. Nancy had hers during the Steelhead half-IM race. Mine came during my 75 mile brick training. Oddly, it appears that both happened around the 40 mile point of the ride. Even more conspiratorial is that we both ride the same make and model of bike. Hmmmm! Congratulations to Nancy on the solid finish in her race. Make sure you stop by and give her the kudos she deserves, as well.

The stage is set for Sarah Reinertsen to do a training run with the Fox Cities Triathlon Club on Friday. She will be in town for the Oshkosh Area Triathlon on Sunday. Veeg and I will be in that race, and it will be cool to race with a triathlete with the drive and determination she exhibits. She is a role model of what makes this sport attract so many.

Finally, though the Tracy Chapman song is awesome, I came across this Cake tune, and found it so fitting it just had to be posted. It warrants a bit of research to see what was going through their minds when they wrote it. While it could be symbolic of a great many things, it screams "triathlete."

Less than six days until redemption day arrives. The Pol-R Express will receive a thorough inspection, this week. The run should pose no serious issues. And I've done all I can to prepare myself for the swim. This weekend, Nytro achieved Olympic triathlete status. Next weekend, Veeg and I will join her.


tri-mama said...

Go get 'em!

nancytoby said...

Thanks for the shout-out! Hope your Felt is good as new now!