Wednesday, August 30, 2006

TBC - Something for Everyone

When people think of community, they often find themselves contemplating things from the past. Neighbors getting together, shared experiences, kids growing up together, and many other things that seem to be missing from much of today's society. "Community" is rapidly being replaced by individuality and distance.

The Tri Blog Community is proving itself to be the exact opposite. Instead of allowing people to hide in the seclusion of their homes, it is bringing people together. Very frequently, those people are complete strangers. They share a common love of a demanding sport. And they share their experiences, successes, and challenges. Oddly enough, an "individual" sport brings people from a broad range of backgrounds and helps them to build bonds as strong as the iron that represents their passion.

A wanderer through the Tri Blog Community can find anything that is needed. We have our resident author and part time funny man Roman Mica. For a humorous (possibly neurotic?) look at the challenges facing female triathletes, one need only stop by the sites of Nytro or Little Miss Runner Pants. For parents trying to balance families with training, check with Tri-Daddy or TriMama. Fundraising athletes might stop by TriBoomer's site and see how he is doing in his effort to complete an entire season of triathlons, complete with two half and a full Ironman. And to borrow the term from Roman, there are lots of "Everyman" triathletes out there. Nancy Toby juggles work, twins, and Ironman training. TriGeek Kahuna and Iron Wil share their love of triathlon through their podcasts and their Triathlon Scholarship program. And for the perspective of a "Canadian in America," just swing by Bolder's site.

And that is only a sampling of the sites listed in the sidebar of this blog. The others, and a great many that have yet to be visited, form the TBC. Like any community in the world, there are well known sites, and less familiar places that everyone should visit. And like any GOOD community in the world, the TBC brings people together and makes them better.

I had the opportunity to meet and race with Veeg, and am better for it. Though our paths crossed quickly, and mostly on the race course, we already had a bond as members of the TBC. Many others have shared their experiences meeting TBC friends. TriGreyhound will travel from Texas to Wisconsin to support Iron Wil and others at the Ironman Wisconsin race. And on November 4th, a huge contingent of the TriGeek Nation will converge on Panama City Beach, Florida to compete (or cheer) in the Ironman Florida race.

So, if you're new to the Tri Blog Community, welcome. Stick around a while and see what there is to offer. You can laugh, learn, be inspired, win prizes, and just be a part of the fun.


nancytoby said...

Great post!! And what a great bunch of people, eh??

Flatman said...

Cool post...I love you guys!