Friday, February 02, 2007

The 4500

A few years back The USA Network came out with a show called "The 4400." The premise of the show is that 4400 individuals abducted by aliens suddenly return to earth, each with amazing new ability. Of course, that's relatively superflous, as all I'm really interested in is the number.

That's because 4400 yards is exactly 2.5 miles. It is also the longest swim I have ever completed to date. And most people reading this understand the journey from 100 yards to 2.5 miles. On Saturday, the plan is to make 4400 the second furthest distance I've ever swam.

And this 4500 will be a different creature than my first 2.5 mile swim. Though it is still scheduled to be a straight swim (no rest intervals), it is a mixed set of swim, drill, and speedwork. Keeping everthing straight as I swim should be interesting. The main set is something like this:

300 at time trial pace MINUS 3 seconds, 100 drill, 100 fast, 50 non-free. So, for 300 yards, I have to exceed my time trial pace. Add in the 50 non-free, and I'm sure to be feeling it by the end of the workout. Even so, I'm actually looking forward to getting this done. Like a 20-mile training run, I see these 2.5 mile swims as confidence builders for Ironman. I will definitely be pulling that card out on race day. "Hey, you've done this x number of times, already. And that was without a wetsuit."

I think this has to be one of the serious benefits of having a coach. I've always tried to have good plans, and I've always tried to complete the big training goals. Having a coach to help make sure it all falls together in the right way is sure to pay huge dividends.

So, coached or winging it, get out and get your training in, this weekend. Race season is fast approaching. Whether 2 weeks or 200 days, will you be ready?


Bigun said...

good job, Pol - "getterdone!" - you must be growing gills and webs in your fingers by now!

Vickie said...

That's a big goal. I haven't done a 2+ mile swim in over a year, and that seemed to take eons, even though it was under an hour. It will be interesting to see how you do, and hopefully encourage me to try it again soon.

Iron Pol said...

No gills, no webs. Just one horribly tired body. I was wiped after completing the swim.

And Vickie... Under an hour? I can only wish. I believe mine took 1:46. To be fair, that was with 700 yards of drills and 350 yards of breaststroke. Even with that, I wouldn't have finished more than 4 or 5 minutes earlier if it had been a straight swim.

George Schweitzer said...

nice job on the swim...and i'm one of the few people I know who got into that 4400 show. It's entertaining...thanks for bringing it up!