Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Blank Page

Hmmmm, writer's block. Or perhaps writer's fog is a better term. You know, those times you have a great concept to discuss. The only thing lacking is the right way to say it. That's where I'm at, right now. It isn't something with which I frequently struggle. Trust me, I usually have something to say, and have little problems saying it.

The title Blank Page is in reference to the way I attempt to approach my training. I have experience in endurance events, and want to avoid the arrogance of saying, "I know how to train." I have experience training for triathlons and have to accept the training would have been more effective if guided by an experienced coach. Going toward Ironman Louisville, I have to be a blank page and allow my coach to write the script. I have editorial discretion, but he's the author. This approach is designed to minimize my tendency to disregard the advice of others because "I know it all."

It is the same with any blog post, research paper, or even major literary efforts. They all begin with a series of blank pages. It takes the efforts of a great many people to ensure success. The author, the editor, the publisher. And, yes, the reader. Without the audience, the pages may as well be blank.

Our triathlon efforts are exactly the same. Whether a newcomer trying a sprint event, a first time Ironman attempt, or a sponsored elite, we all experience the same things. So thank you to everyone who takes time to read these posts. Yes, this is my journey. These are my blank pages. But they are your pages, too. And who knows, perhaps something that fills in the blank space will be exactly what somebody needs to hear.

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Andra Sue said...

Hey--I don't think I've de-lurked and said 'hi' yet. I've been reading your blog for a while (along with too many others!)...keep up the good posting. Can't wait for the IM KY race report in a just 186 short days. Happy training!