Thursday, February 01, 2007

Beta - It's a Good Thing - A Rant

Well, I'm glad Blogger has made the announcement that their "Beta" version is now the NEW Blogger, instead of a beta.

Too bad their no-longer-a-beta-because-it's-working-so-well system seems to be broke, again. Perhaps they can remove the little "x" they put over the "beta" on their pages and announce they're back in beta testing.

There's just something about attempting to post a comment and having the system tell you that you have to log in, even if you are logged in. And then say that you have to enter a verification code, only to have that code not be shown. Or to have your comment entirely blown away because the comment section says you had a required field left blank, even if there were no fields in the first place.

Ah, non-beta-betas. They're such fun. Okay, rant over.

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