Thursday, February 01, 2007

Tag - I'm It!

Tag sort of things generally get blown off when they hit my computer. I don't forward the "bad things will happen if you break the chain" chain letters. Jokes languish in the hell that is my Deleted folder (unless they're are TOTALLY hilarious and fitting, then I forward to whomever is most applicable). And any hoax sent my direction gets sent right back with a link to whatever website debunks the myth.

I will, however, yield this one time. First, Lisa in Madison is the one who tagged me. She just completed her first marathon, so she deserves some kudos. Second, Veeg showed some link love when she responded to the same list. Finally, I need something to cover up the rant (see previous post). Rants are all fine and dandy, but they don't count as real posts, in my book.

1. Describe a memory from your first triathlon.

Let's see, that would be the sprint race that was scheduled as a 220-yd swim, 15 mile bike, and 5K run. It turned into a 220-yd swim, 7 mile bike, 7 mile run, 1 mile bike, 5K run. Yes, I know, that's an odd way to do a race. That's what happens when the chain on your brand new bike breaks with only 8 miles on it. Running seven miles of the bike portion of a race while barefoot will leave an impression on most people.

2. Describe a memory from your most recent triathlon.

I ran a sprint tri in place of a training partner's girlfriend. I found out Friday night that I was racing on Saturday. I happen to have biked to and from work that Friday (56 miles total), and my goggles were in my transition bag, which was at the office.

3. What is the most embarrassing thing that has ever happened to you in a tri?

If anyone missed item one, that would have to take the cake. Let's face it, a racer comes riding into T2 on a different bike than when he left T1. With no shoes. And black feet. Dead last. Yeah, that was special.

4. What's the most thrilling thing that's ever happened in a triathlon?

Most my "thrilling" moments were before or after races. In my first triathlon (see 1, above), I won a $25 gift certificate to a sports store because I had the guts to finish the race, despite the broken chain. At my second race, I got to meet Sarah Reinertsen and Veeg. And in every race, it's awesome to see my kids at various points around the course.

5. What is something I've learned about myself doing triathlons?

First, I can, in fact, swim more than 250 yards. Second, I have a slight "go for it all" disorder.

6. What is the BIG goal toward which I am working?

The finish line of Ironman Louisville, before 11:59 p.m. on August 26, 2007. My other huge goal is to get my youth triathlon project rolling along smartly. We have 50 kids interested, and we're working on additional funding to pay for the project. Introducing 50 youth to the sport of triathlon will probably mean more than finishing in Louisville.

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