Thursday, February 15, 2007

Silly Eardrums

This morning, I accomplished my scheduled swim. It was a doozy, at 3500 yards. The distance, however, is not the source of pride. I finished the 2 mile swim (yes, I did the extra 20 yards to get there) in just under 1:22. The time isn't a source of pride, either (though it is a good pace, for me).

I am proud of myself for completing the entire swim because my earplugs started leaking somewhere around 1700 yards. While many swimmers wear earplugs to minimize motion sickness, I wear them to keep water out of my inner ear. Any time I actually fill my ears with water (such as getting into a pool without plugs), I'm almost guaranteed an ear infection. So, when I started feeling water leaking into my ears, I started planning when to stop.

As I finished that particular 500 yard set, I decided to start the next one, and see how things went. And the next. And the next. Part of me kept saying, "Stop. Getting an ear infection during training is just dumb." Another part said, "You might have to deal with leaking ear plugs in Louisville." The latter voice won out.

While vigilant about potential injuries, I am starting to push myself to complete workouts and meet training goals. That is particularly important in swimming (my limiter) and strength training (the one I'm most likely to blow off). Come August, the option to "cut it short" will be very unpalatable. It's time to train like I'll race. Go the distance, regardless of times. Do the things required for success, even if they are inconvenient or painful. Listen to the coach, because he knows what he's doing.

IM Louisville is about 190 days away. Race season starts well before that. Every day is vital to ensuring I'm prepared for the events that are fast approaching.


tarheeltri said...

Maybe you'll find that your ears are finally ready to get on board and come in for the big win!

Bigun said...

50 degrees tpday - too cold to swim - if I get sick, I'm done training for a week - so I'll stay healthy - make sure you consider that too, IP - you HAVE to stay healthy and injury free....probably way more important than any single workout....just my 2 cents. You are still a fish in my eyes...

IronSnoopy said...

I'm sure you've tried every product known to man, if not there's a product called Swimmer's Ear Solution that dries out the water in your ear. I use it when we dive multiple times a day.

Who knows, maybe you won't get an ear infection this time!

You are a swimming machine! Nice job on getting in the distance and being mentally tough. I think you probably have mental toughness "covered" for IM! :)

WADDLER26.2 said...

Way to hang in there with the swim. I hope this time is the exception to the ear infection. You gained alot mentally in this swim!

Wendy said...

Iron Pol, great job on the workout!!!!

Ears are funny things. I do something that is generally not recommended by medical professionals. I tilt my head to the side and gently use a q-tip to help wick the water out. My own doctor, on the other hand is fine with it.

IM Able said...

Each session does matter! I did a little exercise yesterday for kicks and giggles. I counted up each of the *type* of workout I had until my HIM -- i.e., X speed sets in the pool, Y hill climb sessions, Z fartlek runs.


When you break it down to that level, I was really reminded that each session makes a difference, because they're unique and benefit you in a unique way. There may be 190 days until the Ironman, but how many of those are you focusing on swim endurance? How many on powering through hills on the bike? On the run?

Good for you to push the envelope a bit and get the session done!