Thursday, February 08, 2007

Blogger Proves Their Blow Factor

Well, Blogger proved just how idiotic they could become. As they continue to struggle with the bugs, errors, faults, and complaints about Blogger Beta (call it what they want), I came across this, today.

We've been giving you warnings. The signs have been there. Preparations have been made. Now, it's time!
That's right, it's time to embrace the new version of Blogger! Starting today, a small percentage of users who log in to an old Blogger account will be required to move to the new version. This involves moving your current Blogger account to a new or existing Google Account. After the move, you will need to log in to Blogger with your Google Account username, which is always the email address associated with your account. If you're one of the lucky folks who is prompted to move your account over to the new version of Blogger, you'll be able to postpone this process once (and only once) if you *really* need to get a post out of your head or want to say goodbye to the old Blogger. After that, it's time to befriend the new Blogger!

This explains those who have indicated that they were forced to switch. Now, I too fell prey to their lack of forethought. Of course, I saw it coming and, faced with various options, chose to wait them out. I had hoped they would leave the true blue blogger up and running until the issues plaguing their beta were resolved.

No such luck. So, we'll have to do the work for them. See Nytro's post to resolve at least the e-mail issue. Hopefully, others will come up with fixes for other issues. Now, it's off to see if I was luckier than Bold (who lost a sizable chunk of his pictures when they converted his page).


Veeg said...

Blogger Vista!

Cliff said...

Believe me, I try every way to work around it. For once Blogger got it right. It forced everyone to switch to the new version (which is like the old version with just as much bugs except now u have to log in with your gmail account).

Comm's said...

it sucks and it blows! yeah.