Monday, November 20, 2006

All Clear

One day off and one visit to the doctor and my concerns about a possible hernia have been eliminated. The doctor did a quick check and made the definite determination there is no noticeable hernia. Though he offered a visit with the surgeons, he indicated that they would be unlikely to do anything without an obvious problem.

His guess is a pulled muscle in the same general area. Apparently, a pulled stomach muscle can create pains very similar to that of an abdominal hernia. Thanks, WebMD, for failing to mention that in your write-up about stomach pains.

Oh well, better to visit the doctor and get a clean bill of health than to self-diagnose and miss the mark.


Kewl Nitrox said...

Hurray for the clean bill of health! You are absolutely rite that it is better to get an accurate diagnosis than to self-diagnosis and get it wrong.

Will pray for speedy recovery!

Wendy said...

Pol, you are so right about accuracy in diagnosis! Glad to hear the problem is not more serious.

momo said...

good to know its not something serious - i agree its better to get checked to be sure than possibly miss something. feel better!