Monday, November 27, 2006

Fire and Ice

Anyone who has seen "With Honors" might recall the movie opens with Monty, played by Brendan Fraser, heading out into the snow for a morning run. His most enjoyable part of the run is when he is able to fly past his college's sculling team, led in their run by Moira (Courtney Blumenthal), one of Monty's roommates.

Two backdrops to the run become integral parts of the movie. The snow on campus leads to Monty slipping, falling, and loosing the only copy of his college thesis. The song, Fire Woman by The Cult is very representative of Moira, the object of Monty's desire.

For those who haven't seen the movie, I strongly recommend it. It is well done, and Joe Pesci is wonderful as Simon Wilder, the worldly wise homeless man who pushes Monty to think for himself. For those who have seen it, here is a reminder of the importance of that simple concept of not blindly following, but sorting out the sensible and the ridiculous.


Bigun said...

the cult's good stuff - much better imho than that ska stuff, although I did enjoy the remake of the 80's tune, only because it was, well, an 80's tune...with honors is a good flick - not played on the HBO often; great Brendon Frasier flick - Blast from the Past.....oh yea, not much of the message that Honors has, but good entertainment.

Deb said...

Sounds very good...just added it to my Netflix Q. Thanks!

tri-mama said...

Happy birthday to Monster Girl! and congrats to mom and dad on a splendid year. That switch to man to man defense is tough (just wait til you have to drop to zone :-) Looks like another movie to add to the must watch list-thanks for the heads up.