Saturday, November 04, 2006

Bike Updates

The swim a distant memory, people are starting to complete the bike leg of the race.

Tri Daddy completed the bike leg in 6:49:25 (the seconds are important, here)

Kahuna completed the bike leg in 6:49:29. Tri Daddy and Kahuna finished the swim within 2 minutes of each other, and biked the same pace, almost to the second.

Robo Stu tore up the bike course, completing it in 6:05, proving it just might be "all about the bike." That more than made up the time lost to Tri Daddy and Kahuna on the swim.

Tri Boomer continues to hold out, and everyone should continue to pray for him. His lung issues haven't slowed him down, and he was off the bike in 6:53.

And Bold, oh Bolder. He showed everyone what training at altitude can do and how a mountain pass rider can blow away a flat course. He CRUSHED the bike course, completing it in 5:43.

Comm, Nancy, and Tri Mama were still on the bike course as of this post (not quite 5 p.m. on the east coast).

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